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Our next meeting: Saturday, February 20, 2016
meet and greet @ 1:00 pm/ Presentation @ 1:30 pm
Loop New Mexico 
National HLAA

What NMSU is Doing for HoH Students!

NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY is helping pave the way for the future of HoH students.  Do you or someone you know attend or wish to attend NMSU?  Think that your hearing loss will keep you from making the grade and being engaged with school life?  

Join us on Saturday for an informative presentation by Mr. Andrew Sanchez, Sign Language Coordinator at NMSU with additional duties as the captioning coordinator.  Mr. Sanchez is an El Paso, Texas native.  His professional career for the past 35 years has spanned the Southwest and Glenview, Illinois.  He has been a member of an extensive list of membership organizations related to Deaf and Hard of Hearing lives and values. Mr. Sanchez will open our knowledge about higher education and how the Deaf and Hard of Hearing can get the appropriate support to succeed in college. 

​Disabling Myths

The first step in dealing with students with disabilities seems obvious: treat them, simply, as students. After all, they come to college for many of the same reasons others do (to be challenged, productive and pursue a career.) They bring with them the same range of intelligence and scholastic skills. Yet these truisms are easier said than acted upon. Our best intentions often run into attitudes that dramatically distort our relations with people who have disabilities.

Grace Bible Church 
2801 Missouri Ave., Suite 14
Las Cruces, NM 88011
(located on north-northwest corner of shopping center)

All meetings feature a hearing loop, an ASL interpreter
CART (Computer Assisted Real Time Translation) not provided this month.

Past Meeting

Dr. Juliette Sterkens

Many thanks to Dr. Sterkens presentation to Las Cruces and surrounding areas.  She brought an important message to the Professional and HoH communities regarding t-coil and looping.  New Mexico has joined the move to help change the laws that govern counseling of hearing aid and cochlear implant recipients.  We greatly admire Dr. Sterkens's impressionable and professional demeanor and knowledge.

Future meetings

Video Presentation and Public Forum

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Please come back and visit our website for future meeting details. 

Meeting Location

The Las Cruces Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America meets at the Grace Bible Church, 2801 Missouri Ave., Suite 14, Las Cruces, NM. The meeting is free to all persons of any age. Our meetings are captioned so you can read as well as hear the program.  Please join us and bring a friend, loved one, and/or coworker. Meetings generally start at 1:30 pm. Meet and greet at 1:00 pm. 

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President David Uribe at 575-915-4569 (please text)

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Former President Bert Heger at 575-532-0413

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