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Our next meeting: Saturday, Oct. 17, 2015
@ 1:30 pm
Loop New Mexico 
National HLAA

What Does Your Audiogram Tell You?

​Bring your audiogram and join us for an opportunity to learn how to read and understand your audiogram.  Ms. Julie Villalba, a licensed dispenser with Connect Hearing in Las Cruces, will help us interpret and understand the meaning of this graph that represents our hearing. She will also present different types of devices that are available for different degrees of hearing loss.  Join us as we gain valuable information about our hearing and devices available for helping us cope. 

For more information about Connect Hearing in Las Cruces follow this link:  


Grace Bible Church 
2801 Missouri Ave., Suite 14
Las Cruces, NM 88011
(located on north-northwest corner of shopping center)

All meetings feature a hearing loop, an ASL interpreter
CART (Computer Assisted Real Time Translation) not provided this month.

Past Meeting

The Network Volunteer Center

We want to give thanks to Ryan Steinmetz for presenting at our first monthly meeting this past September.  Mr. Steinmetz brought us valuable information about volunteering in the Las Cruces community. We came to learn how volunteering helps the community and also benefits those who volunteer.  Consider becoming a volunteer by contacting the Network Volunteer Center in Las Cruces. 

Future meetings

​Please send us an email indicating which kinds of programs interest you.  We encourage anyone who is interested in presenting at our monthly meetings to contact us.  We welcome your ideas.  We are a non-profit group serving the needs of the hard of hearing community in Las Cruces.

Please come back and visit our website for future meeting details. 

Meeting Location

The Las Cruces Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America meets at the Grace Bible Church, 2801 Missouri Ave., Suite 14, Las Cruces, NM. The meeting is free to all persons of any age. Our meetings are captioned so you can read as well as hear the program.  Please join us and bring a friend, loved one, and/or coworker. Meetings generally start at 1:30 pm. Meet and greet at 1:00 pm. 

For Information contact: 

President David Uribe at 575-915-4569 (please text)

Vice-President Mike Lieberman at 575-644-0445

Former President Bert Heger at 575-532-0413

email us at: 

Thank You to Our Donors:

Teresa Estrada
David Uribe
Herbert and Thyra Heger

We are a non-profit group associated with the Hearing Loss Association of America.  Your donations help us provide meetings and educational information to both the hearing impaired and hearing community. Please take time to become a member of the local HLAA-LC Chapter.  Local membership is free and donations accepted. 
We need donations to help cover the expenses of providing programs.  Please help with a small donation.